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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

Earn bitcoin with is one of the oldest faucets for Bitcoin still running, with several options to earn besides claiming.

You can claim Bitcoin once each hour, and for each claim you can earn from a minimal amount (at 0.00000012 BTC right now) up to a very respectable value (at 0.0297 BTC right now). Claiming values fluctuate alongside BTC value on the markets, so if the value goes down on the markets you can claim more and when it goes back up you actually earn more.

A High-Low game is available if you're into multiplying Bitcoin, but be careful not to lose what you have accumulated.
Also once you reach a threshold of 0.0003 BTC you can either withdraw (can activate auto-withdraw or do it manually) or leave your accumulated amount to earn 4.08% anual rate interest (you also earn 25% of your referrals' interest).
There's also a lottery for which you get tickets each time you claim, and you can exchange points for claiming boosts, items or gift certificates.
You earn 25% of referrals' base claims.

Sign up below, and start earning BTC, the original crypto-currency Bitcoin!


quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2017

Myfreeshares What is My Free Shares and how to make money from My Free Shares

MFS has lost Paypal, although they have several other payment options, and also they have closed down the share marketplace, and reduced daily earnings from shares.

Myfreeshares belongs to Multimoneygroup of DonkeyMails and GetPaidMail fame. It has been paying consistently since 2005, has over 112.000 affiliates and has paid over $283.000 since opening. 
Before we start this review of Myfreeshares, take these words into account: you need to dedicate at least 20 minutes to this site to earn from it. This one is for serious clickers and surfers. 

Here the concept is unique but rewarding: You sign up (click the banner above please), confirm your registration and fill out your profile with valid information, fill out your PayPal email (must be the same as your registration email) and you're set to use the site. You earn dollars, cents and portions of shares through clicking ads, reading paid emails, signing up to other sites, completing offers and surveys, and for referring others. Up to here it's straightforward. 

Now let's go over this free shares system, which is completely different from revshares programs nowadays.

In Myfreeshares, as we said above, you get free shares for performing some tasks on the site. What does this mean? It means you earn cash daily just by having shares. So if you have 1 share, every day you'll earn some money from that. Current rates being around $0.00025 per share, you'll need to collect a few shares for it to start showing on your balance. If you have 1000 shares, you'll be earning $0.25 daily in a passive way. This means around $7.50 per month as long as you maintain 1000 shares.

Another interesting point about this free shares system is that there is a members share marketplace where you can buy and sell shares. The minimum share amount to be traded is 10 shares here, and each member stipulates the rate at which his/her shares are to be sold at.

Now, lets go through the referral system. When signing up for the site, you get several referral links to share with potential members so they sign up as your referral.

At Myfreeshares there is a five-level deep referral system in place, where you can earn from your referral clicks and their referral clicks and so on. Your level one earns you 25% of your referral's cash and share earnings, level two 10%, level three 5%, level four 3% and level five 1%.
Besides the regular percentual earnings from your referrals, the first time one of your level one (direct) referrals reaches $1.50 in earnings, you will earn a bonus of 10 shares.

On a final note, lets discuss upgrades and minimum cashout amount.

You can cash out at $10. Payments are made on fixed dates every 14 days. There are alot of options: PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and OK Pay.

There are also several upgrade options, each including shares, free advertising, the chance to get random referrals and many more cash and shares ads to click. Upgrades start at $10 per month and go all the way to $500 dollars a year. Attention, only upgrade if you're willing to work and click most ads on the site every day! Lets just say that upgrading here is highly recommended, because it allows you to reach cashout minimum exceedingly fast.
We've tried all the monthly upgrades available, and were able to recover our investment and make profit within the upgrade period, so it is not only well worth it, but the best way to earn real sums monthly (for an example, a Silver upgrade for $25 has given around $7.5 profit besides the upgrade value).

We hope you find this article helpful  in knowing more about Myfreeshares and how to earn money there.